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“Wake Up” Pascal

We are so happy for Wake Up to join Stir it! this year for the first time, traveling all the way from the French border to Zurich to bring you excellent Hip Hop and House dance classes!

Also known as Pascal, he discovered Hip Hop culture at the age of sixteen at a social and cultural center in Paris and was trained by a pioneer of French Hip Hop dance: Karl “Kane Wung” Libanus, who taught him so-called “standing” Hip Hop dances (New Jack Swing, Poppin, Hip Hop Freestyle and House Dance). Pascal soon after started teaching courses in Hip Hop dance in France and continues to do so now in Switzerland.

At 21, Pascal decided to settle in Geneva, where he met with Tatiana Desardouin and Loïc Dinga and continued his training in Hip Hop and House Dance. Ever since, he has appeared on stage as part of various events and with various companies and regularly participated in national and international battles throughout the years. He has taught at several educational institutions, continues to develop his art and evolves within the Circle SomoS collective in Switzerland and the DivergenT group in France.

More about Wake Up: