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Festival Passes

Stir it! offers more than just the usual dance classes. Our last year’s Free-Choice concept was so well received that we decided to expand on this idea even further. All lessons are now Free-Choice classes, and there is no need to register by level. Currently, you only need to decide whether you want to attend 6 Free-Choice classes (Extra FUN Pass) or 4 Free-Choice classes (FUN Pass). We also have a super cool Solo Jazz Trio Friday Special that you can book in addition to your pass or as a standalone offer. You can find a rough overview of the schedule, including classes, breaks, and parties, in the timetable.

In the workshop booklet, which we will release a few weeks before the workshop starts, you will find the topics of the classes and their difficulty level. You can freely choose them on-site. The complexity of each class will be marked with a “spiciness level” of 🌶️, 🌶️🌶️, or 🌶️🌶️🌶️. This way, you can decide how much of a challenge you want. The workshop will include classes from all levels except beginner: If you can do send outs, tuck turns or change places and enjoy doing swing outs and charleston basics you are ready for the classes. Interesting classes also awaits advanced dancers.

You can look forward to a diverse program with various contents. In addition to Lindy Hop, Tap, and Solo Jazz, there will also be individual classes on Shag, Balboa, or House, for example. Get ready to be surprised and inspired!

From July 29 all passes and tickets will be available in your Stir it! profile. For information on discounts, please see the bottom of this web page.

Extra FUN Pass

6 Free-Choice Classes (SAT/SUN)
3 Parties (FRI/SAT/SUN)

The Extra FUN Pass for Saturday and Sunday includes 6 Free-Choice classes and is perfect for you if you’re looking for even more opportunities to expand your horizons. It also guarantees you time to sleep in on Sunday! The 3 parties from Friday to Sunday are included as well.

CHF 330.-

FUN Pass

4 Free-Choice Classes (SAT/SUN)
3 Parties (FRI/SAT/SUN)


The FUN Pass for Saturday and Sunday includes 4 Free-Choice classes and allows you plenty of time to sleep in. This way, you can relax and fully enjoy everything that Zurich and Stir it! have to offer. The 3 parties from Friday to Sunday are included as well.

CHF 250.-

Friday Special

1 Solo Jazz Trio Class (FRI)
1 Party (FRI)


The Friday Special offers you an unique opportunity: The Solo Jazz Trio Class with Jazz Messengers Sonia Ortega, Héctor Artal and Clàudia Fonte. In the two lessons you will dance solo, as a duo and a trio. The Friday party is included.

It is inspired by the formations jazz musicians take when they play together and shows on how this reflects directly in our own dancing. The class includes an intensive guided training where you will be able to adapt the new tools. If you are interested to experiment and you have knowledge of the steps involved in the classic routines (Shim Sham, Tranky Doo, Big Apple) than the Friday Special is perfect for you.

💡 The class can be booked as an add-on to the Extra FUN Pass, FUN Pass, or Party Pass for CHF 60.-.

CHF 90.-

Party Pass

3 Parties (FRI/SAT/SUN)


If you only want to attend the parties and not the classes, the Party Pass is perfect for you. It grants you access to the parties on Friday and Saturday evening, as well as Sunday afternoon.

CHF 100.-

Private classes

Do you want to work on a specific topic? Or have you been interested in taking a private class with a Stir it! teacher for a long time? Then this offer may suit you. You can find the exact time slots and the available teachers in the registration form (bookable with passes and friday special).

💡 The slots are limited. Therefore: first come, first serve.

Follow, Lead or Switch

You can register as a Follow, Lead, or Switch. We kindly ask you to choose the role you want to focus on during the classes. So, if you primarily want to work on your leading, please register as a Lead. If you want to improve your following skills, register as a Follow. If you’re open to both roles, you can register as a Switch. Due to the Free-Choice concept, we cannot guarantee that all classes will have a balanced ratio of roles. However, during the class, you are free to adjust your role selection to balance out the distribution.

If you want to register with a partner, the following options are available: Follow + Lead, Follow/Lead + Switch, or Switch + Switch.


You can benefit from the following discounts:
– Early Bird: CHF 15 discount for the first 30 registrations
– Student Discount: CHF 30 discount with a student ID
– International Discount: CHF 50 discount for people living and working outside of Switzerland
-> Discounts apply for Extra FUN and FUN Pass

– Volunteering: Earn CHF 100 for 6 hours work
– Accommodation: Be a guest of another dancer
– Solidarity Fund: Price reduction for special financial constraints on request via registration form