You can register as a follow, lead or switch for Stir It! 2022. We ask you to choose your role based on what you would like to focus on during classes. So if you would like to spend most of your time working on your leading in class, register as a lead. If you would like to focus on your following skills, register as a follow. If you don’t have a strong preference you have the option of registering as a switch. 

Due to the FUN concept we cannot guarantee the classes will be perfectly balanced each time. You’re always more than welcome to change your role choice in a class to help the balance, if you think you can manage the class content in the relevant role. However, we ask you not to pressure anyone else to do so, especially not based on gender. 

If you want to sign up with a partner, the following options are possible: follow + lead, follow or lead + switch, switch + switch.