If you would like to be hosted by someone living in Zurich, you can sign up for it during the registration, or write us an email to

We’ve always had a lot of offers from our local dancers, who would be happy to welcome you in their place. This year we don’t know how the situation will develop, but please let us know if you’re interested anyway.

Some thoughts on hosting

To be hosted by a fellow lindy hopper is a great chance to get in touch with the local spirit and you might even build a friendship to last a lifetime. Please remember to bring a nice gift with you, for example some specialities from home, vintage accessories, music or to offer your host a favour, for example by doing the cooking, the shopping or inviting them for lunch.

To host a foreign dancer

As every year we are looking for nice locations for our fellow dancers from all around the world! To host a far travelled Lindy Hopper is not only very generous and cool, but also a great chance to get connected and maybe even get hosted at the guest’s home at some future point in time.

If ever you can host one or more guests (in a spare bed, a nice sofa, or another cosy sleeping corner) let us know with your registration or send us an email to Please specify how many people you can host, if they will have a spare room and in case you prefer girls, boys or couples. Approximately 2 weeks before the workshop we will let you know the contact details of your guests so you can get in contact.

Thank you so much!


There are several hotels within walking distance to the venue, which offer rooms for decent prices (at least for Zurich standards).

25h Hotel

Ibis Budget