Participants with the FUNdamentals Pass can choose between the following levels:

Building FUNdamentals

You know the rhythms of steps, triple steps and kicks and can combine them to 6- and 8-count patterns. You can do a send out, tuck turn or change place in your sleep and enjoy doing swing outs and charleston basics. You pay attention to the music and try to adjust your dancing accordingly. You are working on the principles of lead and/or follow and are mindful of your partners. Maybe you have had first experiences with solo dancing. You would like to build the foundations of your dancing.

Expanding FUNdamentals

You feel at home on the social dance floor. You know the basics of lindy hop and many variations and have a basic vocabulary of authentic jazz steps. You are trying to hit musical accents and can adapt your dance to different tempos. You are mindful of your partners and make sure to adapt to them. You would like to expand on the fundamentals of your dancing. 

Exploring FUNdamentals

You feel comfortable on the dance floor at any tempo and can adjust to the style and abilities of your partners. Dancing is not a question of vocabulary for you, because you’re familiar with most of it. Instead you would like to work on your technique, with or without a partner, and be able to interpret the music with even more creativity. You know that it’s always prudent to work on your fundamentals and answer the question “have you mastered the swing out?” with “no”.