Lindy & More ist the club which makes Stir It! possible! It supports and manages the organization and keeps the event going over the years!

The function of the club is about promotion of the culture of afro-american dance and the music styles of the 1920s until 1940s.

The aim of the club is:

  • to organise and support regular workshops and events in the cultural sector
  • to enrich and influence the Swiss Swing scene through inclusion of other related dance and music styles
  • to find possibilities for amicable collaboration with existing providers world-wide, in Switzerland and especially in the area of Zurich
  • to foster a fruitful exchange between the existing world-wide dance scenes

Download our official statement here (only german)



c/o Dan Bausch
Höschgasse 81
CH – 8008 Zürich

For any questions and inquiries please contact:

For any questions around the event Stir it! you can write to:

Account information

PostFinance 85-411102-5
IBAN CH55 0900 0000 8541 1102 5