Saturday 20 of November at 20 o’clock with live band – Let’s party!


Tickets: 40 Fr in advance (no box office), students: one free drink
Covid-certificate required

We are very happy to welcome:

Alexander’s Ragtime Band

After we had to postpone their performance last year, we are all the happier to finally welcome these great Swiss musicians at our party this year!

Alexander’s Ragtime Band play and love original jazz. The speciality of the band is the combination of two trumpets with the usual formation of early jazz.  They play the style of King Oliver & Louis Armstrong, Lu Watters & Bob Scobey and of Jelly Roll Morton, i.e. jazz of the first half of the 20th century, mixed with a good portion of swing.

The music is based on collective interaction. They interpret the musical theme collectively and improvise freely in the instrumental solos. Our speciality is the two-part trumpet. Alexander’s Ragtime Band focuses on the shellac recordings of the past and refreshes them for today. Alexander’s Ragtime Band always plays spontaneously and off the cuff. Their repertoire includes swing, dixieland and New Orleans jazz.


Alexanders Ragtime Band

Alexander Etter, 1. Trompete, Leader
Nicolas Jäger, 2. Trompete
Benjamin Frey, 2. Trompete
Markus Tinner, Klarinette
Valerio Lepori, Posaune
Doris Hinger, Banjo
Erwin Bieri, Schlagzeug
Dieter Merz, Tuba
Felix Müller, Piano

DJ Fräulein Minnie

Fräulein Minnie

She too was planning on entertaining dancers with her music last year and is looking forward to make up for it this year!

DJ Fräulein Minnie has been a passionate Lindy Hop, Charleston and Balboa dancer as well as a teacher for many years. She doesn’t only love the figures and moves of the dance but also the music that wants us to make it so. Taking the role of DJ has enabled her to discover a new world beyond the dance, a world that contains not only a lot of musical highlights but also amazing stories. She is in demand as a DJ at all the major Swiss events. What she loves most when DJ-ing, are those magic moments when all of the dancers seem to be dancing in one and the same rhythm.