Instead of large and over the top we are going for small and cosy this year: You, yes, you! There! In front of your screen! You can host your own “Stir It! @home” party with our support. 

The highlights will be:

  • Two live bands streamed directly into your living room
  • A special DJ set by Adam Brozowski in the honour of Norma Miller
  • Interactive elements to involve all Home Party locations
  • Party box!

Anyone who offers up their home may pick up a Party Box* at Tanzwerk. This will include:

  • Various decorations to transform your living room into a suitable party location,
  • posters in various formats to guide the guests to the party,
  • soap and hand sanitizer, because that’s how we roll now,
  • and the first round of drinks is on us!

*It most likely won’t be an actual box, but a handy shopping bag 😉

Anyone interested in hosting a “Stir It! @Home” party is asked to contact us by e-mail. We require a party name for identification, the number of possible guests and of course the address of the host. 

On Friday and Sunday we will offer an online evening program that will be available to all participants of the workshop and the parties. On Friday, this will be a welcome event with contributions by our teachers. On Sunday, Adam Brozowski will give a talk on “LGBTQAI+ History in Jazz and Swing”. This is a topic that he has talked about at several major international dance events previously, and we are excited to be able to bring this talk to the Stir It! audience this year!

If you are a workshop participant you will have the opportunity to sign up for a party with your classmates at the workshop. If you would like to attend or host a “Stir It! @home” party without also attending the workshop, feel free to look for guests and hosts on the Facebook event page.