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Michaela has been with Stir it since about 2015. She has been dancing for quite a while now and every year she is looking forward to expanding her horizons in dance and organization through Stir it. She loves improvising on the dancefloor but tries to keep everything organised behind the scenes.


Daniela dedicated herself to the wonderful world swing over 10 years ago. First as a dancer, then musician and DJane. She joined the Stir It team about 2018 and it is her concern that only the very best flatters your ears.


Juliana joined the team in 2020. She’s been dancing since 2015 and has been very active in the scene since. She is responsible for communication at Stir It! and is keen on making the festival an open, friendly and happy event.


Music and dancing brings people together – something which enchants Andrea time and again. She is responsible for volunteering and hosting and takes care of the well-being of the Stir It! Guests together with Michelle.

Michèle and Christoph

The wonderful atmosphere, the cheerful dancers and the passionate musicians on the dance floors and stages of this swing world have captivated Christoph for years. He looks forward to receiving your registrations.

Passionately played music, fun on the dance floor and a lively and cozy atmosphere, that’s what Michèle likes about swing dancing. She can hardly wait to organize a successful festival for nice people and to serve refreshing drinks. She is looking forward to lovely meets & greets and a great dance experience!


Let’s dance! Whether slow Blues, fast Lindy or furious Balboa, Tina is there and looking forward to dancing with you.