As the situation changes week by week it is difficult to predict what conditions may apply in November. We have decided to proceed as follows:

  • We are optimistic and assume that Stir It! 2020 can proceed as planned.
  • Registration will open on 11 July. Registration is risk-free for all participants: If we have to cancel Stir It! 2020, all paid fees will be refunded. 
  • We will decide in late September if we can run Stir It! 2020 as planned.
  • We want to pay the bands and teachers whatever happens. If participants would like to support us with this, they can donate a part of their refund to help us cover the cost.*
  • We are investigating if and how an online version of Stir It! 2020 could be possible. If you are interested please indicate this in the registration form.

* Background information about the financial situation

Stir It! Festival is financed through the association Lindy and More and organised by an unpaid team of volunteers. So far our festivals have been a great success, for which we are very grateful. In the last couple of decades we were able to set aside some financial reserves. It is important to us to use this money, which comes from our community, to give back to the community. Our plan so far was to invest this money into a special anniversary edition in 2021. However, it is especially important to us in the current situation to help the teachers and musicians who make our festivals possible. We are grateful for any support with this, as far as your own financial situation allows for it. The future of Stir It! and the association Lindy and More are not at risk. 

Paying the teachers, musicians and the photographer with whom we already have agreements will amount to Fr. 28’650.-. This does not include travel costs, hotel costs nor the room rental at Tanzwerk. If 300 people (this approximately corresponds to last year’s number of participants) were to contribute to these artist fees, an amount of Fr. 95.- each would cover these costs.