Weekend Passes

Full Pass: CHF 320

Half Pass: CHF 250

NEW Workshop: CHF 250

All participants, whether they originally booked a Half Pass or a Full Pass, have the same number of classes (7.5h) in our new schedule. For this reason, participants who already booked a full pass will receive a refund of CHF 80 to a new price of CHF 250, which corresponds to the price of a Half Pass. 

The new workshop concept means a considerable effort for us. Any savings we make by not having to pay for travel costs for our teachers are offset by the increased cost for additional infrastructure and the assistant teachers. We expect to make a loss by running Stir It! 2020. If you would like to support us, you are welcome to donate the refund or a part of it.

Discounts (can be combined up to CHF -80)

  • Students: CHF -30
  • International: CHF -50
  • Lindy and More: CHF -15

Party Passes

  • Whole weekend: CHF 90 / CHF 70*
  • Friday CHF 35 / CHF 25*
  • Saturday CHF 40 / CHF 35*
  • Sunday CHF 25 / CHF 20*

* Students, International, Lindy and More