Participants booking a full pass should take these descriptions as a guideline to choose their level. Information on the workshop concept can be found here.


  • You have been dancing for 6-12 months
  • You are taking regular classes
  • You are familiar with send outs and pass bys, maybe you’ve heard of 6- and 8-count moves, learned some Charleston steps or practiced swingouts
  • You are motivated to finally visit a workshop!

Intermediate +

  • You have been dancing for 1-2 years
  • You know and dance 6- and 8-count moves, including swingouts and circles and you know some Charleston
  • You love social dancing and may have attended a workshop already
  • You are motivated to work on your basics, improve your connection and widen your repertoire 


  • You have been dancing for 2-3 years
  • You have been taking regular classes and/or social dance regularly
  • You know all of your Lindy and Charleston basics and can combine them freely and creatively
  • You have started widening your repertoire at international workshops
  • You like taking on the challenge of fast music
  • You are motivated to work on your connection, musicality and making your dancing more interesting

Advanced +

  • You have been taking classes and/or attending socials on a regular basis for at least 3 years
  • You have been to several international workshops and the things you’ve learned don’t fit in a single song anymore
  • You like taking on the challenge of fast or slow music and can adapt your dancing accordingly
  • You are motivated to work on the finer details of connection, musicality and rhythm

ELEF Intermediate +

Everybody Leads, Everybody Follows

  • You know how to dance the most important moves like swingouts, circles and the Charleston basic in both dance roles
  • You can easily combine 6- and 8-count moves in at least one, if not both roles
  • You regularly attend classes and/or socials
  • At socials you like to dance both roles, maybe you’ve attended an ELEF class
  • You have attended at least one international workshop
  • You would like to improve your connection in both roles and are looking for inspiration to make your dancing more interesting
  • You like taking on the challenge of fast music 

Solo Jazz Intermediate

  • You are not new to dancing, but haven’t done a lot of solo jazz yet
  • You know the Shim Sham, but wouldn’t mind working on it some more
  • You are motivated to widen your repertoire and learn new variations

Solo Jazz Advanced

  • You have been dancing for at least a year and have attended several solo jazz classes and/or workshops
  • You know 2-3 of the well known choreographies (e.g. Shim Sham, Tranky Doo, Big Apple)
  • You are motivated to include tricky rhythm variations and details in your dancing