The Idea

A weekend full of creative learning experiences and dancing joy. 

  • 7.5h classes on Saturday and Sunday
  • Virtual input by our international teachers
  • Support by assistant teachers on site
  • A versatile range of solo, lindy and unusual class contents

Special Precautions

To prevent the different groups from mixing as much as possible, we are aiming for a schedule (draft attached) that minimises the number of people at Tanzwerk at any given time. To support us in our efforts we ask you to please not linger at Tanzwerk before or after classes and avoid using the changing rooms and showers.

The breaks have also been scheduled to avoid the groups from mixing. This means you may not have classes at the same time as your friends, if you signed up for different levels.

Please note that you must wear a mask on the hallways, toilets etc. at Tanzwerk. Masks are not mandatory during lessons, but the rules on this may still change as the situation develops.

Don’t forget to regularly wash or disinfect your hands. We will be providing hand sanitiser. Please make sure to bring enough t-shirts to change frequently, at least a fresh shirt for every lesson.