Trying to even improve the workshop concept for this year’s event, we are combining the free-choice concept from the last years with some tracks: There will be…

… SIX TRACKS of classes with different levels (Beginner to Advanced+/Invitational)

… 3 hours of classes per day within those tracks

… ONE ADDITIONAL CLASS in the evening, following our free-choice concept from the last few years


Furthermore you can look forward to :

… LIVE MUSIC in some of the classes!!


… YOGA WARM-UPS and BREAKFAST for a good start in the day šŸ™‚


Level Descriptions

Lindy HopĀ 

Each level will be split in two classes in the beginning of the weekend through auditions!

Beginner / Intermediate

If you have been taking classes regularly for at least half a year up to two years, and you masterĀ all the important basics such swingouts, circles, charleston basic etc. this is your level! You might have started to go social dancing, and/or you have been to a first international workshop. You recently started to work on your connection to make the basics feel better, and you are looking for new figures and inspiration to improveĀ your dancing, and make it even more interesting.

Intermediate / Advanced

You have been taking classes regularly for at least 2-3 years, and most importantly you go dancing regularly! You know a solid amount of variations on top of your basics, so you don’t even get to dance them all in one song. Relatively fast and slow songs are a challenge, but that’s just why you like to dance to them. Your have heard about musicality, connection and rhythm variations and started working on it.

Advanced / Advanced+(Invitational)

You have been taking regular classes for at least 5-6 years, or you make up for it with tons of social dance experience. You are constantly working on your technique in the very detail, and on expanding your repertoire. Basic musicality is a fixed part of your dancing, and you have found your own style. When you go to international workshops, you are at least in the advanced level. Technique, creativity, musicality and precision are topics you keep working on.

Solo Jazz

For the Solo Jazz on Friday night there will be two levels, Relaxed and Challenging. If you have danced a lot of Solo Jazz already, Challenging will be your level. If you have danced the most important basic steps such as Susie Q, Fall off the log, the Shim Sham etc. you might want to go to the Relaxed level.

However the most important difference between the two levels is that the teachers in Relaxed are oriented towards those dancers who take a bit longer to learn the material, while in Challenging, even the best dancers will reach their limits.