Stir It! has always placed a very strong emphasis on inviting teachers, who fit into the event both personally as well as in their style of dancing and teaching.

All of them internationally recognized, top Swing dancers. However what is even more important to: All of them are lovely people and they know how to teach! 🙂  So get ready for inspiring and fun classes, and to learn more than what you can probably remember 😉

In this sense we are extremely happy and honored to have with us:
Sep & Alexia (B/F)
Kevin & Jo (US)
Pamela Gaizutyte (LT)
Veit & Bice Lee (CH)
David & Cátia (PT)
Yannick & Paula (CH)
Ursula & Roger (CH)

Pamela Gaizutyte (LT)


Humorous and dynamic, keen, full of heart and a touch of the anarchic, Pamela was spellbound by Lindy Hop energy and community at the age of sixteen when she started her first classes at Club in Vilnius. Despite her young age Pamela has already brought herself to light constantly learning anything related to dancing, be it music, psychology or anatomy.

In 2009, Pamela began working at Hoppers’ Dance Studio in her hometown of Vilnius, Lithuania. Today she dances and teaches with the top leaders in the international Lindy Hop scene. Having no constant partner has given Pamela space to bring a lot of variety to her dance – no wonder dancers call her one of the most exciting followers in recent years.

As a dancer Pamela cherishes individuality and freedom. For her Lindy Hop is not as much about impeccable technique as it is about musicality and awareness. As a teacher she shares her values and encourages people to find their own way of dancing: “Learn to be ok with the way you are and how your body moves. It’s all about you.”

Nietzsche once said “You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star”.

By Migle Ravnialicevaite

Jo & Kevin


Jo and Kevin live and breathe Lindy Hop with their passion for celebrating life through dance. They travel globally teaching and performing dances from the Jazz Era of the 1920’s to 1940’s. Since their partnership began in 2007 they have taught in 28 Countries across 5 continents including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Together they hold titles at the International Lindy Hop Championships, European Swing Dance Championships, American Lindy Hop Championship, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, Camp Hollywood and Camp Jitterbug. With clear and humorous instruction, these two creative and versatile dancers will entertain, inspire and help you become the best dancer you can be. They are striving to change the world…one rock step at a time.

Bice Lee & Veit


Veit and Bice Lee have been teaching and training together since 2013 and together have more than ten years of teaching experience. Their philosophy of teaching is: teaching is supporting students in learning and to be a good teacher one needs to keep learning. In class they never lose the overall goal of dancing when looking at details of the individual movement, the rhythm or the connection.

Some know her as Bice, some know her as Lee but both names lead to a happy and cheerful dancer who actually started lindy hop by coincidence. After many years of ballet and many attempts of other dances, her grandfather gave her his only swing CD – he only liked classical music – and that’s how it started. She fell in love with the music, the rhythm, the community and the playfulness of the dance and got stuck with it ever since. Moreover she loves to share her passion and started training and teaching with Veit in 2012. And there she is, traveling the world, spending every free minute on her most fulfilling passion.

Originally from the German lindy hop scene , Veit is best known for his feel-good leading and creativity on the social dance floor. He values freedom that lindy hop offers most. To enjoy and use those to a full extent he puts a lot of focus in his classes on natural movement and rhythm.

Veit can be seen all over at workshops in- and outside of Europe, spreading the joy of lindy hop from down in Portugal all the way up to Norway and from UK to Poland. If he is not dancing, he rocks the dance floor as Doctor Jazz. He is regularly seen in finals of Lindy Hop competitions throughout Europe. Veit is also the organizer of the Swiss Rhythmjuice Rendezvous.

Daivd & Catia


These two Portuguese started dancing and teaching together in 2011, and have since become international teachers, mainly due to their aptitude to understand the fundamentals of good movement (dancing) and explaining it in an graspable and applicable way.

David is an addicted social dancer. You’ll rarely see him not dancing while there is groovy swing music playing. He’s also a geek, that cannot avoid himself of deconstructing the nuclear bio-mechanics and rhythmic structure of the dance and music. And he loves to share this knowledge/vision almost as much as he loves hugs.

Cátia is a person’s person. She’s always caring for everybody, and it shows when it comes to teaching where she uses an intuitive and organic approach to bring out to the best in each student. You’ll rarely see her not smiling.

Yannick & Paula


” Swing is not only a sequence of steps but a danced awareness of life (german: Der Swing ist nicht nur eine Abfolge von Schritten, sondern ein getanztes Lebensgefühl) ” – This motto of Yannick has accompanied him since he was 8 years old and discovered Boogie Woogie.

Today Yannick is professional dancer, competes and teaches Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie with a lot of love and engagement at a variety of dancing schools. He brings an experience of more than 15 years in competition- and performance dancing. He convinces his audience and students not only with his precise technique but also with his vitality and enthusiasm for the dance. His positive energy and his charme can be felt both inn his dance and during classes.

To share his enthusiasm for modern Boogie Woggie he was co-founder of the dance club Boogie Riot in Zurich.

As child of a family of music enthusiasts, Paula grew up surrounded by Jazz, Swing and Rhythm’n’Blues. She started her Boogie Woogie career at the age of 14 in a crash course, which was soon followed by a variety of national and international workshops. Only 2 years later, Paula was competing in her first tournament and celebrated numerous achievements.

Paula is a passionalte competition dancer and dance teachers, teaching regular classes at a number of dancing schools for Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie. For her, Boogie Woogie is the combination of fast feets with elegance and grace. This is how she becomes the enchanting, glamorous Swing Lady with fiery temperament.

Alexia & Sep


Alexia & Sep recently partnered up as they discovered that Belgian Chocolate and French Wine was indeed a tasty combination. In their dancing they are exploring all kinds of connection. Because what is important to them, is to be able to share the swingdance magic and fun with anybody on the floor. In their class, they make sure everybody enjoys it, and improves within their own style and way of moving.

Sep Vermeersch is a very passionate swing jazz dancer and music expert. He is based in Ghent, Belgium. The combination of his educational background and daily practise makes him a unique person to work with. His energy and passion for the dance, music, art and vintage business made him a welcomed guest in many projects in Belgium and around Europe

Alexia Legoueix was rescued by swing dancing in 2005, when she was about to engage into standard competition dancing. Attending her first Herrang in 2007, she has since travelled the world to learn more about the dance, its origins, and jazz in general. With a background in Ballet, jazz and contemporary dancing, she mostly gets interests in african rhythm based dances… also learning percussions and drums in the process. That would explain why rhythm stays so important to her, and the core of her dancing.

Ursula & Roger


Roger Frey & Ursula Ledergerber have been dancing Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Charleston and other dances for more than 20 years. Both of them have a diploma in professional dance and they like to share their knowledge on dance technique during classes. Roger & Ursula have been working together as a dance couple for 10 years. Their mein focus is the aspect of teaching, and their students appreciate the positive energy, the vitality and the love for the dance that Roger & Ursula bring to classes. Thanks to their long experience, every dance lesson is diversely structured and new figures are taught in a very clear way.


Chris & Anna


Anna and Chris are Melbourne-based lindy hoppers with over 20 years experience between them. Inspired by the dancers of the Savoy era, they’re passionate about playfulness, creativity and vernacular jazz, as well as swinging out fast and flying. Working with performance groups Hot Jam and Echoes of Harlem, Anna and Chris are accomplished teachers and performers who build a positive and empowering environment for people to explore the dance.