Early Bird Tickets The first 30 registrations will get a discount of 20 CHF.

Groups: In order to sign up as a group, every member must fill out the form separately around the same time, putting in the group name so that we can identify you. If we do not get all the 8-10 registrations within 3 days, the group discount will not be valid. The number of Followers & Leaders in one Group must be equal or at the most with one extra Follower/Lead. No person can be added to a group after the initial registration. All people from one group must sign up for a workshop option, that is still available – we can not make you enter a track which is already sold out only because you are member of a group!

International Discounts: Are available for all participants living and working abroad Switzerland.


We, the organizers, can not be held accountable for any damages or loss of personal belongings. We can not be held accountable for any injuries you might occur while attending the event.The participant is responsible for his/her sufficient health insurance. Please be safe.

In case you can no longer attend Stir It!, we can offer a 50% refund of the received registration payment (excluding transfer fee) until October 16. After this date, no refund is possible. However you can transfer your ticket to another person dancing the same role in the same level as you. In case you do so, you need to let us know by email ( before the workshop starts, who is going to replace you.

By attending Stir It!, you give us permission to use and publish photographs and video material taken during the event of you and your dance partner. We will not sell this media to any third parties.

We may refuse admission to any individual if we believe they pose a threat to any other attendees or if they do not respect our Code of Conduct.

Partner Registration: If you register by yourself and you are on the waiting list, you can still find yourself a partner. This will get you a spot immediately, provided that there is still tickets left for what you would like to sign up for. Please write us an email with the name of your partner so we can change your registration. However if you register by yourself, once you got the confirmation, you can not change this anymore. This is because you have been matched with someone else from the other role, who has registered by himself as well.

Code of Conduct

The organization team of Stir It!, is dedicated to providing an exciting, respectful, inclusive, and encouraging environment.

As a participant or attendee at any of our event, you are a valued and unique part of that environment. The following are a few priorities and guidelines that are deeply important to Stir It!. We encourage all participants to read and follow these guidelines.

Everyone is entitled to an environment free from harassment. This environment is for everyone regardless of gender/gender identity, age, sexual orientation, ability, mental health status, physical appearance, body size, race, religion (or lack thereof), or dance experience, skill or style.

Stir It! does not tolerate harassment in any form at our events and on our media channels. This includes homophobic, racist, misogynist, ableist, transphobic language, unwelcome sexual language, inappropriate touching, and inappropriate comments on physical appearance. Harassing language, actions, and imagery in social situations is not appropriate for any event, including dances, workshops, and competitions. All participants are entitled to enjoy the thrill of partner dancing without having to confront unwelcome interest, inappropriate or untoward comments.

Anyone can ask anyone else to dance.

Anyone can say no to a dance without obligation or excuse.

Please be respectful to all other event participants, event staff, venue staff, and event volunteers. Without everyone’s goodwill, a smoothly functioning event is impossible.

On the dance floor, have care for the safety and comfort of your partner and those around you. It is every dancer’s responsibility to be aware of their own and their partner’s movement and position, as well as the movement and position of the dancers surrounding them in order to avoid dangerous contact.

Air steps (aerials) on the social floor are unsafe and will not be tolerated. Save them for jams, competitions, and performances. If you or your partner bumps, kicks, or otherwise interacts in an unsafe way with someone else on the dance floor, apologize and check that all are okay before continuing to dance.

During any type of partner dancing: If you are uncomfortable with a particular embrace, do not be afraid to mention this to your partner. Please respect the boundaries of other dancers and your own personal boundaries.

If you experience, witness, or hear of a violation of this code, or an instance of behavior that causes you concern, we encourage you to take one of the following actions:

  • Speak to an event organizer.
  • Speak to an event volunteer, who will direct your concern to an event organizer.
  • Speak to a friend, someone you’re comfortable with, and ask them to either join you in speaking with an organizer or to speak to them on your behalf.
  • Send an email to us directly at

No matter the event or circumstance, we encourage you to voice your concerns with any Lindy&More or Stir It! board member, at any time. We hope you have a great time dancing at Stir It! and can be a positive and considerate contributor to our celebrations of dance and music of all types.