The maximum discount that can be given to one person is limited to 60 CHF. The discounts are valid for the workshop passes only and not for the party passes. Group discount can not be combined with the Lindy&More discount.

Partytickets at the door

PartyPrice (normal/reduced)
Friday Warm-Up Party35/25 CHF
Grand Party Saturday40/30 CHF
Sunday Party25/20 CHF

More information on the Parties can be found here.

* Groups

In order to sign up as a group, every member must fill out the form separately around the same time, putting in the group name so that we can identify you. If we do not get all the 8-10 registrations within 3 days, the group discount will not be valid. The number of Followers & Leaders in one Group must be equal or at the most with one extra Follower/Leader. It is not possible to add additional people to a group after the initial registration. All people from one group must sign up for a workshop option that is still available – we can not make you enter a track which is already sold out only because you are member of a group!

Please read through our Terms & Conditions before registering for the workshop!