The Bands for this year will be:

Friday: The Rhythm Gamblers (F)
Gala Night on Saturday: The Rhythm Gamblers (F) & Bumpy Roof Band (ES). Blues Room: Rufus (DE)
Sunday: Bumpy Roof Band (ES) & La Bohème Jammers (ZH, Jam Session)

Workshopsband: The Bee’s Knees (CH)

THE RHYTHM GAMBLERS recreate the atmosphere of the Savoy Ballroom with their repertoire of old classics form Lester Young, Benny Goodman, Count Basie and Charlie Shavers. This unique combination, of talented musicians and swing music classics, creates an amazing feeling that brings lindy hop dancers to the floor and ensures an unforgettable night of swing outs and turns.

Gilles Berthenet – Trumpet
Pierre Leydier – Saxophone
David Tavani – Clarinette
Cyril Kunstelman – Piano
Laurent Simon – Guitar
Auguste Caron – Drums
Yves Buffetrille – Bass

Find out more about this band on their website.

THE BUMPY ROOF BAND was born from the desire of some musicians to bring the spirit of New Orleans and its melodies to the people. They offer a repertoire full of energy, where the Blues, the New Orleans Classic Jazz and the Swing mix with the spontaneity and the vitality of this experienced formation, creating great partys for dancers and Swing lovers.
Julien Silvand – Trumpet
Juli Aymí – Clarinet
Josep Tutusaus – Trombone
Kike Angulo – Guitar
Queralt Camps – Bass
Martí Elias – Drums

THE BEE’S KNEES is the touring band of the wonderful singer Despina Corazza. Despina & The Bee’s Knees played live over the past years in Zürich, Luzern, Bern and St. Gallen for Swing, Lindy-Hop and Blues events. The Rhythm Section Trio of the band already supported the dance-classes of the Stir It Festival in 2015 and 2016 and will come back for the Stir It this year.


Felix Trippel – Piano
Jonas Künzli – Double Bass
Joel Studler – Drums

LA BOHÈME JAMMERS  is a conspiratorial gang that has, for two years now, been meeting every Monday in a dusty bar in Zurich, to bring some pieces of rusty Hot Jazz back to life. Unfortunately, word has spread, and their lovely dilettante gathering is frequently disturbed by a bunch of top notch horns, crazy feet and thirsty mouths.


Rufus Herbertson (aka Jörg Teichert) lebt in Mannheim und liebt es, akustischen Blues zu spielen. Mit seiner alten Resonatorgitarre und einem Bottleneck auf dem Finger begleitet er seinen Gesang und erzeugt authentische Deltabluesklänge und beschwingte Ragtimerhythmen. Er tritt solo auf oder mit Partnern (Slip & Slide mit Simon Seeleuther, Red & Grey mit Erwin Ditzner, im Duo mit dem Bluesharpvirtuosen Albert Koch oder mit der Band Whiskydenker.)


Check out this video of Rufus playing St James Infirmery

And the DJs for this year are :

DJ Fräulein Minnie (DJ coordination, Swing, ZH)

DJ7-minMarcia aka Fräulein Minnie is a passionate Lindy Hop, Charleston and Balboa dancer as well as a teacher since many years. She not only loves the sparkling figures and moves of the dance but also the music that wants us to make them so. That is why she was asked to play her music at Leapin Lindy Festival in Berne at the first place. Since then she is a hooked and ardent collector of good and swinging musical pearls, be it old or new, who has played at most major Swiss workshops as well as at Blues Skies in Lisbon. What she enjoys most when DJing, is the magic moment when all of the dancers seem be in one and the same rhythm.

DJ Chrisbe (Swing, ZH)

DJ_Chrisbe-minChrisbe’s goal is to play music which creates a vibrant and enticing atmosphere. Since 2006, he has been spinning for Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues crowds throughout Europe and abroad, such as European Swing Dance Championships, Herräng, Lindy Shock, Balboa Castle Camp, Studio Hop Summer Camp, Frenchie Balboa Festival and All Balboa Weekend. Be prepared to hear both classics and unusual tunes guaranteed to make you smile.


DJ Lady Luke (Swing, ZH)

DJ_Esther-minLady Luke often dreams she was born into a family of Jazz musicians. Her father, a famous trumpet player, would have played in Paris with some of the finest Jazz musicians of all time, such as Teddy Wilson, Sidney Bechet, Lionel Hampton and Lester Young. Her mother would have been a virtuous pianist and a great admirer of Fats Waller and Mary Lou Williams.

Instead, Lady Luke had to wait until finally Lindy hop opened her the doors to jazz and blues music. Ever since, her passion for early American music hasn’t stopped growing. Jazz – the older, the hotter, the better. Her heart beats for blazing tempos and fiery improvisations, stomping beats, audacious syncopations and polyphonic horns dancing around melodies and bass lines. When she’s not playing the piano herself, she loves inspiring dancers from the DJ-booth.


DJ Simon (Blues, BE)

DJ_Simon-minSimon Haldi spielt regelmässig Blues Sets an dem von ihm gegründeten und mitorganisierten Anlass „Blues im Werkhof“ und Swing Sets an den beiden Anlässen „Stompin’ at Mahogany Hall“ und „BEswingt“ in Bern. Er wurde auch an den Berner Workshops be-bluesed und Leapin’ Lindy gebucht. Vor allem freut er sich über die vielen Leute, die mittlerweile den Weg in den Werkhof finden, um zu Crashkurs, Livemusik und DJs dem Bluestanz zu frönen.

Simon hat als begeisterter Bluestänzer im Herbst 2013 seine ersten monatlichen Bluesparties im Café Kairo veranstaltet. Aus Mangel an Alternativen hat er gleich selbst die Rollen als Crashkursleiter, DJ und Organisator übernommen. Seine Kenntnisse hat er sich an unzähligen Parties und Workshops angeeignet, wobei sein besonderes Interesse stets der Musikalität und der Geschichte der Musik galt. Bei seinen Sets erzeugt Simon mit groovigen Stücken unterschiedliche Atmosphären und sorgt für abwechslungsreiche und stimmungsvolle Tanznächte.


DJ Michael (Blues, BE) 
DJ_Michael-minMichael Wälti tanzt Lind Hop seit 2001 und Blues Dance seit 2014. Zusammen mit Bigi Wälchli betreibt er die Berner Tanzschule “Kick the Basics” und gehört zu den Organisatoren der Berner Blues Szene. In Bern ist er an diversen Anlässen wie BEswingt und Monday Blues als DJ tätig. Als Blues DJ spielt er kräftigen traditionellen Blues und zu später Stunde heizt er mit Fusion von Funk bis Elektro ein.