The Bands for this year will be:

Friday: Bumpy Roof Band (ES)
Saturday: Bumpy Roof Band (ES). Fast Floor: New Hot Club of Zürich (CH)
Sunday: The Sheiks (ZH, Jam Session)

Workshop-band: The Sheiks (CH)


 Bumpy Roof Band


In the beginning of 2015, we – Juli Aymi and Julien Silvand – created “Bumpy Roof Band” with all our energy. We met in a Swing festival in Valencia, where we did the whole Lindy Hop festival dance all night long. With drummer Martí Elias, specialized in Swing and Lindy Hop style, we gice the very best of us to have th eplasure to contaminate the audience with our rythm. With trombinis Josep Tutusaus the “Bumpy Roof Band” has the typical explosion of a melodic jazz trio. Queralt Camps gives with her bass the sos trong sweetness of the wood to the service of music. And we’ll have a speical guest on piano, to be the link between melody and rhythm: Jean-Baptiste Franc. The reason of our association is clear: we know and we appreciate each other, and we want to play music together all around the world!

The frirst concert of “Bumpy Roof Band” was a success and was recorded live. The album is released during our concerts.

The Sheiks


The Sheiks are a traditional jazz band formed by nine young passionate musicians based in Switzerland. Coming from different musical backgrounds, they found each other through their love for jazz born at the beginning of the last century.
Nine heads, 18 hands and 9 hearts that will move your feet.

New Hot Club of Zürich


The New Hot Club of Zurich pays tribute to the music of guitar extraordinaire Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club de France. Part of a global movement, the fully acoustic quartet plays French swing music of the 1930’s and 1940’s with an infectious rhythmic feel.