The Bands for this year will be:

Friday: Bumpy Roof Band (ES)
Saturday: Bumpy Roof Band (ES). Fast Floor: New Hot Club of Zürich (CH)
Sunday: The Sheiks (ZH, Jam Session)

Workshop-band: The Sheiks (CH)


 Bumpy Roof Band


In the beginning of 2015, we – Juli Aymi and Julien Silvand – created “Bumpy Roof Band” with all our energy. We met in a Swing festival in Valencia, where we did the whole Lindy Hop festival dance all night long. With drummer Martí Elias, specialized in Swing and Lindy Hop style, we gice the very best of us to have th eplasure to contaminate the audience with our rythm. With trombinis Josep Tutusaus the “Bumpy Roof Band” has the typical explosion of a melodic jazz trio. Queralt Camps gives with her bass the sos trong sweetness of the wood to the service of music. And we’ll have a speical guest on piano, to be the link between melody and rhythm: Jean-Baptiste Franc. The reason of our association is clear: we know and we appreciate each other, and we want to play music together all around the world!

The frirst concert of “Bumpy Roof Band” was a success and was recorded live. The album is released during our concerts.

The Sheiks


The Sheiks are a traditional jazz band formed by nine young passionate musicians based in Switzerland. Coming from different musical backgrounds, they found each other through their love for jazz born at the beginning of the last century.
Nine heads, 18 hands and 9 hearts that will move your feet.

New Hot Club of Zürich


The New Hot Club of Zurich pays tribute to the music of guitar extraordinaire Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club de France. Part of a global movement, the fully acoustic quartet plays French swing music of the 1930’s and 1940’s with an infectious rhythmic feel.

And Our DJ’s at Stir It! 2018

Freitag: DJane Lady Luke (CH) and DJane Lee Meidan (IS)
Samstag: DJane Bubbles (CA) and DJ Chrisbe (CH) Fast Floor: DJane Balbulla (CH) & DJane lil’roquette (DE)
Sonntag: DJane Fräulein Minnie (CH)

DJane Fräulein Minnie (DJ Coordination)


Marcia aka Fräulein Minnie is a passionate Lindy Hop, Charleston and Balboa dancer as well as a teacher since many years. She not only loves the sparkling figures and moves of the dance but also the music that wants us to make them so. That is why she is a hooked and ardent collector of good and swinging musical pearls, be it old or new. Fräulein Minnie had the good fortune to play at many major Swiss workshops as well as at Blues Skies in Lisbon and Chase Festival in Heidelberg and gain DJ experience this way. What she enjoys most when DJ-ing, is the magic moment when all of the dancers seem be in one and the same rhythm.

DJane lil‘roquette

Daniela aka lil’roquette dedicated her life to Swing Music when she started dancing Balboa, Lindy Hop and Blues in 2010. She is a DJane now for about 2 years. Meanwhile she played at numerous parties in Berlin and Switzerland, she also joined a local Swing Jam Session as a singer and saxophonist.

Her sets are known for musicality, joy and muuuuuch energy.

DJane Bubbles

DJ_2-min Ann aka DJ Bubbles began swing dancing in 2008 in Waterloo, Canada (not far from Toronto). Since getting her first songs, she has DJed in her home scenes until she moved to Switzerland for her PhD with robotic bridges. She has had the fortune of playing swing for evenings and workshops around the world as well as she is head DJ at Great Lakes Balboa Escape in Chicago. Digging through old stuff and new (soft spot for the original stuff), small group to big band to Newport, North American and European, she aims to create an atmosphere worthy of creativity and playing around with the dance.

DJ Chrisbe

DJ_3-min Christian Bossert aka DJ Chrisbe, from Zurich, is a well known and popular Swing DJ, spinning at international dance workshops, camps and events throughout Europe and overseas. Beside DJ-ing, Chrisbe is a passionate Lindy Hop and Balboa dancer, Swing dance instructor and event organizer. Chrisbe’s goal is to play music which creates a vibrant and enticing atmosphere.
Since 2006, he has been spinning for Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues crowds throughout Europe and abroad, such as European Swing Dance Championships, Herräng, Lindy Shock, The Snowball, Balboa Castle Camp, Studio Hop Summer Camp, Frenchie Balboa Festival and All Balboa Weekend.

Be prepared to hear both classics and unusual tunes guaranteed to make you smile.

DJane Lee Meidan

Lee Meidan, originally from Tel Aviv and nowadays based in Madrid, started dancing Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz at the age of 18. Since then she’s been dedicating her time to learning, teaching, performing, competing and developing her voice, as a dancer and a teacher.
Lee is very passionate about the social aspect of the dance – the conversation between two people and the music, and the magical things that can happen in that space.

DJane Balbulla

DJ_-1min Ulla aka DJane Balbulla has been dancing almost all her life. In Zurich she got infected with the Lindy hop virus in 2003 and fell in love with Balboa little later in 2005. She teaches Balboa and Lindy Hop, has organized several Swing events and was one of the driving forces behind the Swiss balboa scene. In all these years she had a lot of opportunities to listen to recorded and live swing music, to dj and to build a sense of what works and what doesn’t on the dancefloor. When djing, she has a quite simple recipe: She plays the songs she likes to dance to herself.

DJane Lady Luke

Esther aka Lady Luke often dreams she was born into a family of Jazz musicians. Her father, a famous trumpet player, would have played in Paris with some of the finest Jazz musicians of all time, such as Teddy Wilson, Sidney Bechet, Lionel Hampton and Lester Young. Her mother would have been a virtuous pianist and a great admirer of Fats Waller and Mary Lou Williams.

Instead, Lady Luke had to wait until finally Lindy hop opened her the doors to jazz and blues music. Ever since, her passion for early American music hasn’t stopped growing. Jazz – the older, the hotter, the better. Her heart beats for fiery improvisations, stomping beats, audacious syncopations and polyphonic horns. She loves inspiring dancers from the DJ-booth.