The Bands for this year will be:

Friday: The Rhythm Gamblers (F)
Gala Night on Saturday: The Rhythm Gamblers (F) & Bumpy Roof Band (ES). Blues Room: Rufus (DE)
Sunday: Bumpy Roof Band (ES)

Workshopsband: The Bee’s Knees (CH)

THE RHYTHM GAMBLERS recreate the atmosphere of the Savoy Ballroom with their repertoire of old classics form Lester Young, Benny Goodman, Count Basie and Charlie Shavers. This unique combination, of talented musicians and swing music classics, creates an amazing feeling that brings lindy hop dancers to the floor and ensures an unforgettable night of swing outs and turns.

Gilles Berthenet – Trumpet
Pierre Leydier – Saxophone
David Tavani – Clarinette
Cyril Kunstelman – Piano
Laurent Simon – Guitar
Auguste Caron – Drums
Yves Buffetrille – Bass

Find out more about this band on their website.

THE BUMPY ROOF BAND was born from the desire of some musicians to bring the spirit of New Orleans and its melodies to the people. They offer a repertoire full of energy, where the Blues, the New Orleans Classic Jazz and the Swing mix with the spontaneity and the vitality of this experienced formation, creating great partys for dancers and Swing lovers.
Julien Silvand – Trumpet
Juli Aymí – Clarinet
Josep Tutusaus – Trombone
Kike Angulo – Guitar
Queralt Camps – Bass
Martí Elias – Drums

THE BEE’S KNEES is the touring band of the wonderful singer Despina Corazza. Despina & The Bee’s Knees played live over the past years in Zürich, Luzern, Bern and St. Gallen for Swing, Lindy-Hop and Blues events. The Rhythm Section Trio of the band already supported the dance-classes of the Stir It Festival in 2015 and 2016 and will come back for the Stir It this year.


Felix Trippel – Piano
Jonas Künzli – Saxophone
Joel Studler – Drums

RUFUS HERBERTSON (aka Jörg Teichert) is a blues musician from Mannheim, Germany, who loves playing the old acoustic blues music. With his resonator guitar and a bottleneck he creates authentic delta blues sounds and bouncing ragtime rhythms. In 2012 he discovered the blues dance scene in Heidelberg. Since then he’s been playing for blues dancers at workshops and parties

Check out this video of Rufus playing St James Infirmery

Information on the DJs coming soon !